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years. although most of us in the northeast have definitely not put the shock of hurricane sandy behind us, it looks like the markets at least for now are doing that today. trying to make a go of it. dow jones industrials on track for the first 1% gain since september 13th. that's session highs today. the the dow was up more than 177 points. we're still holding on to pretty significant gains here of about 130. leading the dow right now, bank of america, caterpillar, microsoft, caterpillar should be no surprise to anyone. earth-moving equipment will be in great need post sandy. shares of companies expected to benefit from all of the rebuilding after hurricane sandy are rallying today. take a look at masco, up nearly 7%. they do home improvement and building products. then you've got trex company, manufacture and distribute wood and plastic composite products related accessories primarily for residential commercial decking application. they are getting a nice boost. watsco also getting a good bump. valspar, big in construction, up nearly 4%. lennox getting a nice 3 1/2% bump here, climate
in the united states? we have team coverage following the path of hurricane sandy. steve harrigan has the impact from ocean city, maryland but right now let's take it to jeff flock in point pleasant beach new jersey. jeff? jeff: a little bit of ground zero for you, liz, at this hour south jersey really in the sights of this and for the worst of the storm. it's extraordinary in i have not covered a hurricane that has been -- the on set of which has been like this, which is just steady blowing, raining, coming at you, a sandblasting you, and no let-up. usually there's a let-up. usually there are fingers, there are ribbons of intensity that come in. this is just all blow coming straight at you. take a look at this sea foam on the beach, and i will tell you, we are not that far away from low tide. the key is going to be tonight when we get to high tide here because you see that surf behind me, the wind that has been pushing that surf begins to then cooperate with the tide at about 7:16 local time here in point pleasant beach new jersey and that begins to drive that water inland. that's what's going
by a blizzard conditions wrought by hurricane sandy. to have this at the end of october high unusual and despite all the destruction and damage tomorrow the markets will open and trading will resume as usual. hurricane sandy left the east coast with eight million people, that is the latest number that came in in the last couple minutes, eight million people in the dark, hundreds of homes and businesses underwater. we got facebook friends and twitter always to follow only if it was safe for them to do so and here are the first look of pictures but the picture from mike in fairfield, new jersey. he is so can about the car is not. that tree coming down, this picture is from long island, new york. a huge tree completely uprooted and tipped over. the street looks like a river in bay shore, long island, new york. many businesses are in the recovery business and drying out, they will not have a problem at long as they can get their generators up to speed, but when you look at all that is happening is home depot, lowe's and lumber companies that benefit most as people try to rebuild and recover. if you
maybe they thought nobody would best. >> three ipo today the first after hurricane sandy. look at restoration hardware up 32% of the earlier highs but it had a great pop which is a furniture retailer excepted beautifully. standing next to south cross energy up battle point* 5%. they did well even though hurricane sandy blooms on the eastern seaboard. liz: day do not sell hardware. they sell pretty stuff. [laughter] lasalle whole crew knows, the devastation from hurricane zandi -- sandy is felt that these coast with the energy side then the human side. we have lived team coverage 40 miles from and had an atom we will start with you. >> behind me receive the national guard and passing a water but also red cross now showing up but the field of dreams foundation and they showed up early on their own volunteers bringing food and clothing. diapers, betting common medications, food if you can cook or pizzas if you cannot. people are coming out with converters for govett is what is going on in staten island. those who are still waiting for the sanitation trucks they are furious the new
operational. didn't even get power cut off because of the super storm sandy. they say the brokerage firms were complaining that they didn't have confidence in arca because they didn't test the systems, their own internal systems to see if they could interact with the electronic network, and they are saying that the fcc, in allowing arca to operate as an independent exchange when, you know, any time it's like the ncse can declare it, it's our market. forget about the specialists. they say, telling the fox business networks, that the big firms never tested connectivity or not enough. >> a-ha! doing this is less his fault maybe? >> i don't know. what they are saying also that, you know, at the very minimum, the fcc should have forced this testing. listen, i don't know. if i'm duncan, and i know major order providers, listen, and i like duncan a lot, and i know the major providers are not tested with the system, i would make a stink of it; right? wouldn't you? just in case, you know. >> test it, guys, make sure it goes. >> yeah, and by the way, this is not what he said publicly. >> let me say who
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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